We have been working to contribute to solving social issues through our business activities under our fundamental mission of “create even better social assets for the next generation.”
The themes we have tackled in this endeavor are diverse, including “disaster prevention,” one of the major social issues for the Japanese society, “environmental protection,” such as climate-change countermeasures and waste reduction, and “vitalization of communities” in city development efforts.

In our mainstay office and home redevelopment business, we have helped improve regional disaster prevention significantly by turning wooden houses in areas overcrowded with them into sturdy, fireproof structures and working with local governments to make such areas into disaster-prevention bases. In the Shinchiku Sokkurisan remodeling business, we have actively worked to promote safe and secure homes since its launch in 1996, by including earthquake-reinforcement work as a standard specification of the remodeling service, at the same time significantly reducing the amount of waste compared to rebuilding home.

In June 2020, a large-scale renovation project of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, one of the early skyscrapers in Japan, was completed, creating the “Sankaku Hiroba” (triangular plaza) all-weather atrium. The facility not just adds to the vibrancy of the Shinjuku district, a major center of business, commerce and culture, but contributes to the region as a disaster-prevention base, providing shelter for people unable to return home when a disaster hits. We expect this project to become a model for efforts to work with local communities to realize sustainable urban development.

In recent years, companies have come to be evaluated from a long-term viewpoint, hence the increased awareness for SDGs and ESG. The Sumitomo Realty Group, which carries on the business philosophy of the “Sumitomo” brand whose history goes back 400 years, has been growing under a slogan of “Integrity and Innovation.” We have strived, and will continue to strive, to further increase corporate value by actively committing to “addressing social issues through business activities.” We would like to thank our stakeholders, including customers and business partners, for their continued support and understanding.


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