We provide condominiums mainly in major metropolitan areas throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. Beyond our pursuit of the highest quality, we create condominiums that will retain their asset value and appeal as time passes. They are characterized by stylish exteriors that make them landmarks, elegant entrances, extensive common areas, disaster-resilient, high-spec basic performance and latest housing equipment. Our condominiums benefit from enhanced product planning, extensive after-sales service, and a diligent management system.
The slogan, "Symbol as Scene," embodies our thoughts on product planning. We will continue to create condominiums that everyone will admire, capturing people’s attention as elegant symbols of the city and serving as inspirational backdrops for the lives of residents.

DEUX TOURS (Completion: Sep 2015)

Top left:DEUX TOURS (Completion: Sep 2015), Top right:City Terrace Suginami Honancho (Completion: Oct 2017), Bottom left:City Terrace Shinagawa East (Completion: Feb 2016), Bottom right:City Terrace Nishiogikubo (Completion: Jan 2013)

Sumitomo Realty's condominiums are highly regarded for design and for offering a new lifestyle

A number of our condominiums have garnered the Good Design Award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, and their designs and lifestyle proposals have been extremely well received. Please click here for the list of our work that has received Good Design Awards.

Left: Good Design Award 2007 World City Towers (Completion: Feb 2007), Middle: Good Design Award 2020 Grand Hills Motoazabu (Completion: Feb 2018), Right: Good Design Award 2008 City Terrace Saitama Shintoshin (Completion: Oct 2007)

Grand Mansion Gallery

An information center pursuing the satisfaction of the customers

Information hub facilitating selection of new condominiums
Under the themes, "consultation, selection, and experience," this is a general exhibition hall that responds to various requests related to condominium selection, encompassing everything from support in selecting specific properties to consultation on all things related to housing. The facilities are located at nine conveniently accessible terminal stations (as of March 2021), primarily in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Potential customers can view all available properties at a single location.

*In addition to those above, there are galleries in Umeda and Tennozu (Osaka) and Sakae (Nagoya).

Remote condominium sales

Accomplishing everything from property viewing to delivery without meeting in person

We have introduced "remote condominium sales" for the newly built condominiums that we supply nationwide*1, a method that permits customers to complete the entire process—from property viewing to handover—without the need for meeting in person. Since its launch, our online tour has been well received by many customers, allowing them to tour model rooms and discuss housing loans with sales staff online from the comfort of their homes. In addition, we have expanded the support provided by our sales representatives by launching the "Online-Tour-Delivery" service*2, where we deliver devices necessary for online tour to customers’ homes.

*1 All properties in Japan, except for joint venture properties, etc.
*2 Available in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama Prefectures (excluding remote islands).


1,539-unit, seismically isolated triple tower

City Towers Tokyo Bay (certified as National Strategic Special Zone project)

The Tokyo Bay area is doubly blessed, featuring both waterfront views and seascapes and proximity to the heart of Tokyo, including Ginza and Marunouchi. In this constantly evolving place, where new attractions are being created, a new window to the future has opened. It is an approximately 10.7-hectare residential and commercial complex development, one of the largest in Tokyo, which symbolizes the Tokyo Bay area.
At the core of the project is City Towers Tokyo Bay, a high-rise, large-scale, seismically isolated triple tower housing a total of 1,539 units.
The facade, consisting of the 32-story West Tower and the 33-story Central and East Towers, is accentuated by the striking contrast of black and white, and the symmetry of the towers creates a majestic appearance. This is a flagship project of Sumitomo Realty, concentrating our wisdom acquired through years of experience in developing high-rise condominium projects.

City Towers Tokyo Bay facade

City Towers Tokyo Bay facade

Location: Koto Ward, Tokyo
Gross floor area: Approx. 160,823㎡
Comletion: July 2019
No. of floors:
West tower - 32 above / 1 below ground
Cetral tower - 33 above ground
East tower - 33 above ground

Entrance hall

Entrance hall

Party room

Party room