Monthly Parking Lot

Sumitomo Realty rents and manages monthly parking lots for more than 10,000 cars, mainly in central Tokyo.

House Cleaning/Housekeeping

We offer house cleaning service by professionals and an affordable housekeeping service.

Interior Designing and Sales

Our interior concierges propose and sell diverse interior decorations according to customers’ requests and lifestyles, from among the products of over 300 manufacturers in Japan and overseas,

Catering Service

Izumi Restaurant Co., Ltd. provides catering service for social gatherings and various parties, from delivering beverages to setting up the party room.


Izumi Restaurant Co.,Ltd. operates several Japanese and Western restaurants, providing seasonal creative cuisine, mainly in business districts in Tokyo.

Convenience Stores

Izumi Restaurant Co., Ltd. operates "Rieven House" convenience stores within office buildings managed by Sumitomo Realty. It offers a product mix geared to the needs of office workers.


Agency for fire insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, etc.

Advertisement Agency Business

Comprehensive service for advertisement and sales promotion tools including planning, making, cost and quality management, as well as effect verification."

Group Company

Sumitomo Fudosan Tatemono Service Co., Ltd. (JP)
  • Property management for condominiums and office buildings etc.
  • House cleaning services/house keeping services, etc.
Sumitomo Fudosan Syscon Co., Ltd. (JP)
  • Interior designing and salesis
  • Display suite design and construction
  • Parking lot business (Syscon Park) etc.
Izumi Restaurant Co., Ltd. (JP/partly in English)
  • Operation, management and development of convenience stores, catering service, and restaurants
Izumi Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (JP)
  • Agency for general insurance and life insurance etc.
Sumitomo Fudosan Esforta Co., Ltd. (JP / EN)
  • Opeartion and Operation on contract of sports/fitness facilities
  • Advertisement and printing agency
  • Event planning and operation