Sumitomo Realty Group Basic Policy on Information Security

The Sumitomo Realty Group recognizes the importance of information security, including cybersecurity. In order to protect the social credibility in our business activities and realize sustainable enhancement of our corporate value, we will continue to strengthen and improve our initiatives concerning information security.

1.Information Security Management System

We will strive to identify information security risks and take measures against them by establishing a department in charge of information security.

2.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with laws, regulations, rules and other social norms related to information security.

3.Management of Information Assets

We will appropriately manage personal information and other information assets held by us, based on our Information Management Rules, and will strive to prevent leakage, loss and misuse of such information.

4.Education and Awareness Raising on Information Security

We will ensure that our officers and employees fully understand the importance of appropriately managing information assets, and will continue to conduct education and raise awareness to help them acquire the necessary knowledge and judgment.