Striving for Sustainable Growth Together with the City through Innovation

Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. is one of Japan's leading general real estate companies, established in 1949 as the successor company to Sumitomo Honsha Ltd., the core company of the Sumitomo Group with a history spanning four centuries.

The company's businesses are mainstay office building leasing, condominiums sales, remodeling, custom-home construction and real estate brokerage. We have expanded the scope of our business endeavors to include a wide range of related businesses such as rental apartments, hotels, and multi-purpose halls.

The foundation for our growth is the real estate leasing business, with a focus on office buildings in central Tokyo. Since the early 1970s, we have been creating a number of flagship buildings through redevelopment and other initiatives. We have achieved sustainable growth and development together with the city by not only building our assets, but also by working to resolve issues facing communities through urban development.

Ensuring this sustainable growth naturally requires us to prioritize "Integrity" by practicing compliance, maintaining relationships of trust with stakeholders, and protecting the environment. Moreover, we must continue to set goals high and apply new approaches to the resolution of issues and the pioneering of new fields to meet diversifying needs.

Sumitomo Realty Group will aim to take the next great leap in its growth and create new value through "Innovation" by promoting sustainable urban development that is disaster-resilient, people friendly, and environmentally friendly for the next generation.


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